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Aubrie has always been a sheep all her life. She’s always followed what other people have told her to do and she’s never really been happy. So when she heard that all of her friends were shaving or waxing their southern reaches she decided to finally go her own way on something. She’s left her cooch totally untouched. No shaving, no trimming. She’s not got one of those silly airstrips, just natural hair everywhere. She’s getting a little intense with a dildo outside though, and it catches her neighbors eye.

Teen gets a finger, qtips and a dildo shoved into her twat

Teen gets a finger, qtips and a vibe shoved into her pussy

This Asian teen is all dressed up in bows and ruffles but her boobies and coochie are easy access. The guy unsnaps her top, takes a tittie into his mouth and sucks on the nipples. He then takes off her lace panties showing off her hairy snatch before inserting a finger into her hole. Now this is where it gets a bit weird because after the finger into her coochie, he inserts a couple of Q Tips. He uses a vibrator on her coochie next that has a clit attachment before she slobs his knob and he shoots his jism into her mouth and she spits it into her hand.

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August Summer, Jay Huntington

August Summer is rocking one helluva hairy lady nest in his bound to be hirsute classic! This all-american broad lays back and lets the batteries do all the work with her patented fake cock! Then, after she’s came, it’s time for her to cum the right way – with a hard dong stabbing in and out of her hairy nest!

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It seems like rubbing her hairy snatch summons a guy to come and finish the job for her, as Tais started out by masturbating outdoors, and then got excited when he came to take the place of her hand. He licks her furry bush up while she moaned, and then whipped out his big cock for her to suck on. She made sure that it was as hard as can be so he could fill up her beaver, as he opens her up and pounds away at her cunt. She screams loud with every thrust, but she gets even louder when she’s riding his dick in her ass, bouncing up and down on it and then bending over for it. She damn near took a bath in all his jizz!

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Bianca and David

Check out the incredible unshaven bush on this slutty milf! This older whore hasn’t had it from her husband for so long that she has given up on shaving her beaver. There is an extremely thick, black and smelly patch of hair between her legs now! One day she has a workman over, ostensibly to fix the plumbing – but it’s a different pipe that ends up getting laid! This guy doesn’t mind a hairy muff, plowing it and licking it like a real deviant. The milf moans while she gets hammered like she hasn’t been for months, loving the groping of that prick sliding in and out of her hairy hole and finally taking a enormous facial cumshot with gratitude.

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Cute young black babe Rianna can’t wait to get it on with veteran fucker Devlin Weed. She has seen all of Devlin’s movies and she can’t wait to let the master work his magic on her sweet pussy! The couple start kissing and Devlin lowers his hand towards her crotch. However, he stops dead in his tracks – that pussy hasn’t been shaved for a long, long time! That simply won’t do, so Devlin immediately pulls out his conveniently placed razor and shaves the pussy completely bald. Not wanting to insult his girl, he immediately starts to lap away at her freshly shaved vagina until she’s begging for cock – so Devlin gladly gives it to her!